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    Literature Review on Juvenile Delinquency

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    I need help with the above literature review using Annotated Outline previously done, please add 5 new articles on "How Juvenile Delinquency Occurs" for the Coalition". If the abstract article summaries contain 5 new articles based on each topic below that's great. If there's a problem let me know please.

    From the studies in human behavior perspective, it will be necessary to include information on a variety of influences that affect the Literature Review on the topic about the coalition's development and ability to generate results.

    For The Review Please include each topic separately:

    1) Psychosocial issues
    2) Spiritual influences
    3) Physical factors
    4) Culture
    5) Biology

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    What is Juvenile Delinquency? Juvenile delinquency is a very complex issue for it covers issues from skipping school all the way to very serious crimes. It is usually seen in boys, but girls can be seen as 'delinquent' as well. Some of the offenses that aggressive boys might engage in are mischief, petty theft, or even trespassing. These crimes are usually of no psychological significance if it only happens once in a while, but parents and society must disapprove of these 'stunts'. Juvenile delinquents may think that their parents or their communities do not care about them. In some big cities they maybe proving their manhood. Some blame peer pressure for the small offenses, but when they move into more serious crimes peer pressure is only part of it and the rest is them. Juvenile delinquents are mainly from unstable families and they receive very little love. In girls 'delinquency' is exhibited in various ways or they engage in promiscuous sexual behavior, running away from home, but they are less aggressive than boys. (Spock, 1985)

    Body of Report

    Psychosocial and Biology

    In short "juvenile delinquency is a form of deviance or behavior that does not conform to society's norms of expected behavior." (Levin, 1988) They are unpredictable. This fits with the psychosocial issues dealing with this topic. Juvenile delinquency can be seen as a part of the Anomie Theory of Deviance for they are known as the 'rebel' for through doing these offenses they reflect society's goals and means and replaces each with his or her own versions. (Levin, 1988) When dealing with Biology it is primarily dealing with genetic makeup. It also goes along with social expectations. What do we look like to each other. How do we act and react around others? The chromosome that seems to affect juvenile delinquency is XYY it is that extra chromosome that does it. (Levin, 1988) Physical Factors- Some of the physical factors that seem to preclude this problem is that they are pale, protruding ...

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    This essay was about how juvenile delinquency is effected by many developmental forces.