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Routine activity theory of crime

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Explain why some adolescents are motivated to commit crimes while others in similar circumstances are not. Support you explanation by applying at least 2 of the following theories of delinquency;

Routine Activities Theory
General Deterrence Theory
Specific Deterrence Theory
Biochemical Theory
Neurological Theory
Genetic Theory
Psychodynamic Theory
Behavioral Theory
Cognitive Theory

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Let's consider two theories for you to consider for your final copy.


1. In 500-750 words explain why some adolescents are motivated to commit crimes while others in similar circumstances are not.

Routine activity theory of crime

Felson and Cohen (1998) proposed a theory of crime referred to routine activity theory. The theory argues that crime is normal and depends on the opportunities available. The greater the opportunity and the greater the reward, the more likely the crime will be committed. Specifically, three things are believed to be present: there are suitable targets (expensive jewelry or car; easily transportable goods), absence of capable guardians (police officers, alarm system, homeowners and motivated offender (teenage boy, unemployed, and addict population), then a crime will be committed. Based on this theory then, in the absence of capable guardians and a suitable target, there is an opportunity to commit a crime. However, two adolescents may look and assess the situation ...

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Routine activity theory of crime is clearly explored in this case. References are also provided to justify the assertions.

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