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    Hard determinism and routine activities theory

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    Match the explanation with the appropriate key term.

    Hard determinism
    Routine activities theory
    Mala in se
    Nothing-works doctrine
    Situational choice theory
    Rational choice theory
    Mala prohibita

    A. View that criminal behavior results from choices made based on specific opportunities and constraints
    B. Using scientific methods to study criminality; based on an acceptance of hard determinism
    C. View that criminal acts are deliberate choices based on whether the crimes will have positive benefits that outweigh any negative possibilities
    D. Belief that rehabilitative efforts such as lessening punishment and providing treatment programs are ineffective
    E. Committing a criminal act after punishment for a previous crime has been completed
    F. Belief that lifestyle influences the number and types of crimes committed in a society; also called "lifestyle theory"
    G. Phrase meaning that something has been determined to be wrong
    H. Theory that the amount of pleasure or pain involved in an action dictates
    I. Phrase meaning that something is inherently wrong
    J. Belief that crime is committed due to forces beyond the offender's control

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