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Free Will Debate

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"Do people really have free will," - I don't know where to start can you please help me.

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Please see response attached (for links and hyperlinks), as well as presented below. I also attached an excellent supplementary article to draw on as well. I hope this helps and take care.


Let's take a closer look.

1. "Do people really have free will," but I don't know where to start can you please help me.

You will have to position yourself and decide if you want to argue that people do have free will or that people do not have free will. Your tentative outline will look something to the effect:

I. Introduction (e.g., about ¼ - ½ page; introduce the topic of free will; define free will; and include your thesis statement: e.g. People really do have free will and exercise control over their own actions and decisions)
II. Free will debate
a. Description of both sides of the debate (½ - 1 page)
b. Argue your position (½ - 1 page)
III. Conclusion (sum up main points)

Let's look at some information for you to consider for your response.

The problem of free will concerns whether, and in what sense, rational agents imagine or really do exercise control over their own actions and decisions. If you want to argue that people really do exercise control over their own actions and decisions, then you then draw on the philosophical position of indeterminism or compatibilism.

Addressing this 'free will' problem requires understanding the relation between freedom and causation, and determining whether or not the laws of nature are causally deterministic. There are various philosophical positions taken, which differ on whether all events are determined or not?determinism versus ...

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From various perspectives, this solution discusses the controversial and thought provoking question: "Do people really have free will? Supplemented with a highly informative article that argues from several different vantages points regarding the free will controversy.

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