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    Legal and Ethical Issues

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    ? The legal debate about the current state of affairs on the topic non-proliferation?
    ? What's the international legal norm of who should obtain/keep nuclear arms and who should not? Why? And who set the standards and the rules/laws?
    ? Is it legal or it's a geo political negotiation terms to determine the balance of power among the elites?
    ? Do we as western power need it to protect us from any current or future ideology might be against us? Or we need it influence our ideology to the rest of the world by showing our capabilities?
    ? What about the use of peaceful nuclear energy now and in the future? How danger it's to the world? Or how useful it could be to the world and especially to the newly developed countries such as the gulf and Middle Eastern countries?

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    //In this paper, we will discuss about debate on non-proliferation treaty. We will also discuss about countries which are allowed to use the nuclear arms. The paper will be helpful in learning about the balance of power among elite groups. The paper will also include harmful effects of using nuclear energy. //

    Debate on non-proliferation

    Nuclear technology is spreading rapidly in many countries and can cause harm to the countries. The countries that have nuclear powers are often misusing it; therefore, it is increasing violence and insecurity in the environment in the world. Hence, in order to prevent the world from dispersion of nuclear technology, an international agreement has been passed by international countries such as U.S, Soviet Union, Britain and 59 other countries (Bleckmann, 2010).

    Nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) is a treaty that has involved several states for preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in order to create a peaceful environment. The current legal debate on non-proliferation has become quite positive despite the ongoing skepticism. NPT debate has become positive because U.S. has supported a lot in creating nuclear weapon free world. The recent UN debate on disarmament and non-proliferation held in April, 2010 reveals that the member countries of NPT are focusing on international politics for supporting disarmament agenda through new disarmament measures. This debate was also focusing on making the public aware about harmful effects of nuclear weapons use. The debate was explaining that the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 935 words with references.