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    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

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    Section that describes the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that the web sites must address. Describe how each site handles security, confidentiality, and international issues

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    //Before writing about the 'Legal, Ethical and Regulatory issues for Websites', first, we should understand the importance of the Website in the business. It is also important for us to comprehend the effect of issues on the business. So, firstly we will know about the importance of these issues for the business.\

    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues for Websites

    In the modern age of electronic expertise, every one wants to accomplish his activities quickly with little effort. Every one wants to carry out his business procedures with the facilities provided by e-business but sometimes they forget to consider the legal, regulatory and ethical issues associated with it. These individuals must implement the strategies that follow various rules and regulations framed by the government for making a website. Websites created by the companies help in carrying out the business activities in a simple manner.

    E-business offers a range of opportunities for commencing businesses, reaching international markets and buying without leaving the house or the workplace. E-business can offer opportunities to develop business procedures, as phones, faxes and mobile communications have done in the past time. All these opportunities can be grasped by a business only if it understands the various legal, ethical and regulatory issues required for developing a website. Every business is associated with various issues and risks. Same is the case with the e-business. So, it is important for a company to understand the various issues related with the e-business.

    //Above we understood the importance of the websites and effects of the issues on the business. Now as per the direction, we will discuss the Legal, Regulatory and Ethical issues, which ...

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