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How each of my three websites (MTV, VH1, and BET) address the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues important in eBusiness, including privacy, intellectual property, etc.
Please include resources.

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// Before answering such question one must analyze the various e-business legal ethical and regulatory issues. An introduction is important part of any paper.. To begin with the paper, we must first start with a short introduction of the topic. Like this.//


Business on Internet is called e-business. Similar to the traditional businesses, various ethical, legal and regulatory govern the e-business. It is also essential that they are followed by such businesses. The E-business firms follow the legal and regulatory codes established by the governments of the country of operations.

Abiding by the established rules and regulations not only makes the operations of the business easier but also enhances its image and goodwill in the industry (Rumsey, 2006). The website companies lay down these codes of conduct and communicate to its employees. A business following the codes of conduct develops trust in the customers. These ethical codes of conduct are periodically reviewed to mach the ...

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