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E-Business Issues

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I'm working on e-business issues paper. I need to find out what are the legal and regulatory ramifications of operating an e-Business.

I need at least 3 three examples of possible ethical problems when running an e-business.

Can you discuss one example of any e-Business failure and what could be done differently to prevent it from happening again? Do you think the nature of this type of e-Business practiced sound financial planning?


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The question wants you mention the legal and regulatory issues related to e-business, give three ethical issues relating to e-business and discuss one example of e-business failure.
<br>The question makes a serious assumption. It assumes that just as a normal business has legal ramification and regulatory issues, the e-business also has such issues, but this is not true, as e-business relates to several countries, there is a host of regulations, which interact and also change. The e-business needs to be ever alert to the changing ramifications in all the countries in which it operates and address its requirements.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer the question.
<br>Legal and Regulatory Ramifications of operation an e-business.
<br>1. The e-business has to respect the law of two countries, one from where he is doing business and the country with whom he is doing business.
<br>2. Usually the purchase contract, which is signed in one country, is enforceable by law, that is both the parties must respect it, however in case of e-business an electronically conveyed purchase agreement may not be enforceable by law. In such a case the buyer may refuse delivery and refuse payment.
<br>3. The ...

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