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    E-business introduces a number of unique issues that pose various risks (note that risks can stem from the e-business company being either the victim or the perpetrator). Figure 1 presents a number of issues and risks Using this information and any additional research, what specific mitigation strategies or contingency plans can e-business companies leverage (note that a given plan or strategy could address more than one risk or even EL&R issue)

    Knowing some of the available plans and strategies, in general, how might e-business companies elect to deal with the EL&R issues?

    Figure 1. Examples of e-Business Ethical, Legal and Regulatory (EL&R) Issues, and Their Business Risks.

    EL&R Issues Business Risks
    Consumer Data Privacy (including Cookie Use) Consumer Identity Theft, Cookie/Packet Sniffing, Sharing/Selling Data, Consumer Opt-in v. Opt-out
    Intellectual Property Rights Copyright Infringement, Brand Dilution (Logo and Domain Name)
    Sales/Use Tax Collection Yes/No Decision, Tax Nexus, Applicable Tax Rates
    Online Contracts (including Electronic Signatures) Authentication, Fraud, Repudiation, Security, Technological Complexity
    Multiple Jurisdictions (including Global Operations) Legal Recourse, International Compliance
    Broadcast Email and Spamming Sending/Receiving, List Buying/Selling
    Hacking and Cracking Denial of Service (DoS), Data Compromise
    Viruses and Scams Wide Dispersion, Data Integrity, Spyware, Phishing
    Monitoring Email Use and Web Browsing Invasion of Privacy, Culture/Morale Damage, Data Leaks, Loss of Productivity

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    Here are some strategies I would recommend that an e-business company can leverage. They can follow these types of recommendations.

    The company can make their site, and email secure by making it more secure by putting anti-virus ...

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    This solution provides way in which e-business companies elect to deal with the EL&R issues.