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    Customer safety online and internet speed for e-business

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    Discuss 2 to 3 trends in e-business.

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    Currently e-businesses are changing the way companies do things. The e-businesses are forcing brick and mortar companies to step up to the plate and compete with virtual businesses buying and selling products and services over the internet. Enabling customers to feel safe, secure, wanted, and satisfied by the e-business' virtual environment is essential in having a vial and successful business.

    Trends in e-business have become a point of contention with brick and mortar business due to the different dynamics found in a virtual environment. For e-business, customer retention has become a trend due to the amount of new e-businesses opening. E-businesses need to create a holistic understanding of the customers and other online users they are marketing and advertising products and services to. With this understanding, e-businesses have the ability to customize where to place advertising, where to find the customers, the interests of those desired customers, and most of all acquiring new customers. "Gaining customers' loyalty is the Holy Grail of business -a way to reach eternal life or, in business terms, long-term sustainability" (Long, 2004, p. 22). For e-businesses if ...

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    This essay discusses two trends relevant to e-business. Customer saftey through data protection and the speed of the internet. How e-businesses adjust to these two factors.