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    E-business marketing strategy

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    Prepare a paper describing the following: (Must use at least 3 references)
    o Define e-business marketing (e-marketing),
    o Discuss e-marketing strategy,
    o Define and discuss the important marketing tools and techniques used on B2C and
    B2B eBusiness websites, (as many as possible), and use examples, and to explain how marketing differs on a B2C website compared to a B2B website.

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    // For making the use of effective marketing tools and techniques, it is necessary to understand the concept of e-business marketing and e-marketing strategy. So I am beginning with the introduction of E-business marketing: //

    E-business marketing


    E-business marketing is the conduction of transaction (commercial) by using the telecommunication systems. The widespread use of the internet has increased the competency of the companies to conduct their business more accurately at a high speed and with huge coverage at a minimized cost. Apart from this, it has helped in providing customized services to the target market. As a result, innumerable companies have created web sites in order to provide information and promote their services and products. E-business plays an important role in building their sales by getting an access over the people across the world (Kotler, 2002).

    E-marketing strategy

    In order to formulate an effective E-marketing strategy, it should be aligned fully with the organization's overall business objectives. The main purpose of an e-Marketing Strategy is to generate a long term competitive advantage and focus on enhancing the performance by capitalizing on resources of enterprise and technology. Building of effective strategy requires thorough research, intense planning, experience, analysis, and deep information about the online industry.

    The Strategy for e-Marketing is based on the principle of offline marketing i.e. 4 P's: Product - Price - Promotion -place, and Added 3 P's like People - Processes - physical evidence. The uniqueness in e-Marketing lies due to its seven main features such as: Personalization, confidentiality, better Service to the Customer, Community, digital media, Sales Promotion and Security (Krishnamurthy & Singh, 2005).

    1. Personalization: It means identifying and recognizing the needs of the customer in accordance with trends in the market.

    2. Privacy or confidentiality: in e-Marketing, this indicates that the gathered information is safe and is used in apt manner from collection to the storage of data. Privacy plays a significant role as many legal aspects are associated with the use of such information.

    3. Better Customer Service: e-Marketing focuses on building the relational viewpoint and in this transactional system; ...

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