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    Donna wants the e-commerce portal to sell all its furniture line with regular prices as well as clearance items. She gives you a free hand in any other models you may choose: P2P, C2C, etc. The target audience is the same as the main store customer demographics (employed, professionals/families, young professionals starting out in their careers, shoppers, home furnishings shoppers). The only caveat is that the customers must be Internet-savvy and familiar with shopping on the Internet; that gives us the age group 21-55 years with the target customer demographics. Debbie feels there can be many business models combined in the same portal.

    As a group, you will deliver a brief formal business plan. Meet as a group to divide up the components and decide on any essential basics (for example, site map).
    This is what your business plan must contain:

    Introduction: Online furniture e-commerce industry: General trends, competition (within 200 words), and site map for FYC's ecommerce portal.
    Marketing Mix: 4 Ps: What is your site positioning strategy, business model(s) (B2B/B2C/P2P/X2X/...), optional domain name, and revenue model(s) (where the revenue will come from)?
    Website Marketing / Visibility Strategy
    Implementation Strategy: Hosting (your own, hosting companies like Godaddy.com, Lycos, etc., or online store aggregators like Yahoo), domain name registration, web design, payment gateway, and launch
    Processes: Flow chart or bulleted list of user experience with shopping cart, wish list, sales and returns, bidding, search, shipping, and tracking
    Optional: Examples of a similar websites selling furniture/furnishings (e.g., www.la-z-boy.com, www.officegap.com, etc.)
    Individual Deliverable: Your individual deliverable should be about 2 pages in a Word document, not including title page and references. All references must be in APA format. Please add your file.

    My part is #2) the marketing mix 4Ps

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    //Before writing about general trends, competition and sitemap for FYC e-commerce portal, it is important to gain the knowledge of e-commerce. One should know, in which industry the company is operating. So the concept of e-commerce and its meaning is discussed at first//


    E-commerce represents electronic commerce, which concise a broad category of business processes performed in an online format for the product and services. In E-commerce, transactions like buying and selling are performed on the internet. FYC, which is a manufacturing company, operates in the online furniture e-commerce industry and uses e-commerce for its operations (E-commerce, 2009).

    //Above is the explanation of e-commerce and FYC, which uses e-commerce. Moving to the next component of direction, explanation about the marketing mix, site positioning and business model are to be thrown light upon. To have the profound knowledge about the marketing mix, we should first have the basic knowledge about the marketing mix and its components//

    Marketing Mix

    Marketing mix is the most popular term of marketing management, which is used to develop decisions regarding the 4p's for marketing. Marketing mix is a mixture of four p's, such as product, price, place and promotion, which are used to position the new product or service in the market. Marketing mix if developed in a right manner, it will surely assist the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 826 words with references.