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    e-Commerce in the Public and Private Sectors.

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    1. What are the elements unique to e-commerce/e-procurement in the public and private sectors?

    2. How would you describe the benefits that accrue from implementation of e-commerce/e-procurement in an enterprise? How would you describe the pitfalls associated with the use of e-commerce/e-procurement in these sectors?

    3. What role do you think that quality plays when considering e-Commerce?

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    1. What are the elements unique to e-commerce/e-procurement in the public and private sectors?

    E-procurement is unique in that it connects companies and their suppliers directly, while managing all business purchase interactions between them. This includes "management of correspondence, bids, questions and answers, previous pricing, and multiple emails sent to multiple participants" (EPIQ, 2012). It is typically used only for the most crucial suppliers. The system is typically set up so that there are built-in, pre-determined monitoring tools to control costs and maximize supplier performance to reduce inventories (and out of stocks). E-procurement is used to support procurement activities, including requisitioning, sourcing, contracting, ordering, and payment (Lindskog, Wennberg, 2012) while having a systematic, computerized system that is transparent.

    E-commerce also features buying products through the Internet and computer networks, but it typically focuses on the less routine purchases. E-commerce sites may be ...

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    This detailed solution describes the elements unique to e-commerce, the benefits and pitfalls from implementing an e-commerce plan in an organisation, and the role quality plays. APA references are included.