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Focus on the goals of private businesses, and the goals of lawmakers for economic progress and economic security.

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Both private and public sectors will experience some type of cyber-security issue. (Armstrong, 2004) indicates that both private and public sectors are strengthening their security at every departmental level. The private and public sector will need to combine efforts to protect property and economic components at a tremendous scale. Both the private and public sectors experience some form of security breaches due to malicious cyber attacks that will hinder a corporation or governmental department helpless (Armstrong, 2004).

Private and Public Sector Cyber-criminal Issues

Private sector ...

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The examination of Cyber-Security, from the perspectives of both Public a Private Sectors.

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Based on these articles and any additional references.
What should be the government and private roles in setting policies for cybersecurity?
What is the current status of U.S. policy for cyber and what is currently being considered by the President and Congress?
Please provide at least 200+ word response and any additional references used.

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