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    Ethics and Cyber Security for Students

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    Create a parent/student Wiki to inform students and parents about a specific aspects cyber safety. In creating the Wiki, provide a discussion of the issues involved in the following:

    Topic 1: Cyber Ethics
    - What is it?
    - What issues are involved?
    - How to practice ethical behavior in cyber space

    Topic 2: Cyber Security
    - What is it?
    - What issues are involved in cyber security for educational use?
    - What are ways to be safe in cyber space?

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    Topic 1:
    Cyber-ethics represents research and theory that analyzes moral, legal, and social issues associated with cyber-technology, and how cyber-technological advances have influenced either positively or negatively social, legal, and moral systems. It has been argued that no other technology has had such a profound impact on human culture in such a rapid and transformative way as cyber-technology, and cyber-ethics seeks understand how humans' have responded to the ethical issues associated with computer technology such as creating social policies and laws for cyber-security and cyber-etiquette. What would be considered cyber-norms is predicated upon defining good cyber-etiquette and social customs that promote ethical behavior while using computer technology.

    For students to practice ethical behavior in cyber space, they must learn what is appropriate in regard to cyber-norms as well as understand how to make informed decisions while online. The focus for the classroom is for teachers to provide instruction on proper netiquette while also ensuring that students are capable of developing the appropriate communication skills while online. In schools today, cyber-bullying is ...

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    Issues about cyber ethics and cyber security are addressed.