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eBay and Cyber Law

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What regulations and laws cover companies who are strictly online?
Please look at eBay and find out more about this company compared to other companies around the world.
Please focus on the following areas of this company as well as what an online company looks at with regards to these subjects: online ethics, legal compliance, international arbitration and mediation of domain name disputes, digital signatures and contracts, and copyrights.

Please provide annotated bibliography of part 1. This is separate from the reference page.

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eBay and Cyber Law is examined. The regulations and laws cover companies who are strictly online are determined.

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Dear Student,

Part 1
Cyber law plays an important role in securing the online business from illegal activities. In this paper various laws and regulations related to online business has been discussed. Along with this cyber laws followed by eBay has also been analyzed and online ethics, legal compliance and some other issues are also discussed.

Laws and Regulations for Online Business
An eBay is the multinational internet consumer to consumer corporation that manages all its work through its website that is eBay.com. This website enables the consumers and businesses to buy and sell goods and services all the over the world. In order to do the business through internet, company should follow cyber law. Cyber law provides the body of rules and regulations for the internet and electronic commerce (eBay, 2012). Following law is helpful in providing right access to the internet. Laws and regulations help in reducing the illegal activities and frauds. Growing dangers of crimes through online businesses have arises the need for developing cyber law.

e-Bay followed various cyber law in order to attract large part of customers for the online purchasing. Earlier, eBay has committed various crimes through online buying and selling activities. eBay was having a disputes with Tiffany for counterfeiting goods and services through its marketplace. Tiffany claimed that eBay sold some non-Tiffany goods to its merchant by using the name of Tiffany (Bissonette, 2009). It has been analyzed that these types of activities arises the need of introducing cyber law. There are various types of crimes that can be done through the online shopping such as forgery, computer related fraud, internet crime, etc. Cyber law enables the customers to take strict actions against these crimes.

The Electronic Financial Transaction Act was affected on 1st January 2007, which was focused towards regulating the various business enterprises engaged in financial transactions. This cyber law enables the user to get protected against the frauds that are related to finance. Cyber law includes some effective regulatory mechanism that provides success and security to the cyber space (Trout & Torke, 2007). Various cyber crimes have created a problem in diffusing the e-commerce activities in various countries. An eBay is the company that provides online goods and services to the customers. Companies that perform online business should provide correct and justified information to the customers. It has been analyzed that earlier eBay does not give complete information to the customers regarding goods and services. This strategy has created lots of problems in the success of eBay (Kubota, 2008).

According to the cyber law online content is handled by the internet content host (ICH), who is responsible for the internet content that companies should provide to customers. Another scheme that has been included in the cyber law is Online Content Co-Regulatory Scheme, which prohibits the content of internet. This scheme stated that information that has been restricted offline then that information should be restricted online as well (Shalhoub & Qasimi, 2010). It has been analyzed that cyber law provides protection against the crimes and frauds related to internet. Apart from this, customers also have the right to take action against some illegal activities. According to the cyber law, companies cannot take personal information of consumers through social networking sites. Cyber bullying issues can also be handled through the cyber laws. Therefore it has been analyzed that eBay integrate all the cyber laws in its organizational strategy through which company can protect the consumer interest (Trout & Torke, 2007).

eBay Rules and Regulations Related to Cyber Law
An eBay is the company, which follow different rules and regulations for every stakeholder. This strategy of eBay helps in making its site safe, fair and enjoyable. Before buying any goods and services through eBay, customers should analyze the policies and strategies of the company. Some polices of eBay are following the laws and regulations, minimize risk to the buyers, minimizing unfair advantage for buyer, provide enjoyable buying experience, protecting intellectual property rights, etc. All these policy of eBay protects consumer's interest and society welfare (eBay, 2012). Along with this eBay has also created some rules and regulations for the buyers about bidding and paying. Customers cannot buy products and services from eBay, if they give false information in the account.

eBay sold its goods and services by using the auction style format through which customers can make a bid. It is necessary for the customers to buy the product if they won and must pay for the item. This auction style format follows some rules and regulations in order to save the customer as well as company interest. Customers can do non-binding bids in some items only such as vehicles, real estate, only. Company strictly restricts the shill bidding in which customer cannot bid for their own item (Legal Issues in Plain Language, 2009). On the basis of feedback system of eBay, customers are not allowed to threaten the seller and give negative feedback.

Customers are not allowed to enter in another transaction before completing the first transaction. In order to make complaints against the eBay member, customer can go to Customer Support and choose the issue topic. This process helps the customers in solving issues very quickly and promptly. Rules and policies that are adopted by eBay provides safe and healthy environment for every eBay member. Providing safe and secure environment to customers helps in attracting large part of customers (Shalhoub & Qasimi, 2010). In comparison to other companies, eBay provides better and quick services to customers. eBay is also focused towards providing proper equipments in order to give delivery service.

Through eBay customers can easily buy goods and services from anywhere all the over the world. Sellers are very much aware about what things need to be sold and guidelines related to selling. eBay has framed different rules and policies for every stakeholders and activities. Rules for listing, prohibited and restricted items, feedback polices, invalid bid retraction policy etc. are some policies that are followed by company. eBay has launched some trust and safety tutorials, which explains the policies ...

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