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    Cyber Cop Overview

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    Please research online and write your own 3 page paper on Cyber police (cops), what are they, how effective they are, etc.... Assume you are writing a paper for someone that has never heard of cyber cops.
    There is an article called "A Day in the Life of a Cyber Cop which could be used as a reference. Need to site and reference work.

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    Cyber police officers are law enforcement officers whose primary role is to prevent, investigate, and stop cyber crimes which are crimes committed using computers and an electronic network. When there are many cyber cops in an agency dedicated to stopping cyber crimes they are referred to as a the cyber police. Cyber cops have all the rights and responsibilities of law enforcement officers only their duties are carried out in relation to cyber crime. The main avenue of "patrol" for these officers is to monitor the internet for people or organizations who use computers and the internet for criminal purposes. An example of a cyber cops "patrol" would include operating ...

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    A general overview of cyber cops and cyber policing.