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Plagiarism and Cyberbullying

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1. Reflect on what can be done and said [a] to prevent plagiarism in the classroom [b] how you should react when you found out that a student plagiarized; [c] how plagiarism differs from 'cheating;' [d] what happens when a 'false positive' situation occurs (when a student gets accused, even from turnitin.com but who did not cheat): what should you do?; [e] how do you resolve that many of us in teaching consciously break copyright laws but justify breaking the law. Should there be a penalty for us? (Not an easy conversation but a necessary one in the age of Cyberethics.)

2. What are the ethics of cyberbullying? How can your personal teaching situation address it? What would change your discussion if your discussion were aimed at the following 5 audiences? [1] elementary students; [2] middle and high school students; [3] college undergraduates/graduates?; [4] teachers and other school professionals?

Please include source and APA citations.

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Step 1
(a)There are several actions that can be taken to prevent plagiarism. There can be a discussion with students about the forms of plagiarism. They must be told that no form of plagiarism will be allowed. Further, the note taking process should be taught in which citations should be present (a). Also, you should avoid general topics for research papers. The students should sign a letter of transmittal with their reports. The format of the bibliography must be given by you. There must be a separate deadline for bibliography, any questionable source must be checked, and they must be given a copy of the student's guide to avoiding plagiarism. b)When you find that a student has plagiarized, you should collect the documents, evidence, and the paper and explain the problem with the student(b). Depending on the explanation of the student a sanction should be imposed such as a decline in the course grade or a failing ...

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