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    Social media and depression

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    How Social Media causes depression.(twitter, facebook, instagram)

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    Depression and social media seemed to be linked all too often these days. People spend hours, participating in discussions, checking status updates, taking part in groups, all from the convenience of their safe homes. However, some people are finding the use of social media, while allowing them to keep up with or find old friends and family members, is not as "fun" as it seems.

    Talking to friends, sharing pictures and stories, checking up on old flames is fun, but it also leads to isolation. Spending time online rather than out with people talking face-to-face leads to feelings of aloneness. People make comments and read about other people's lives. They sit, "staring at a screen...hoping and waiting for someone to comment on or like something they wrote." (Jaffe, 2013) Isolation, fantasies, competition and comparison to others all become a part of the loneliness that accompanies the constant use of social media sites.

    While Facebook takes a lot of the flack for the links between social ...

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