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Link teenagers' use of social media

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This solution delivers 10 quotes from academic references which comment on how much teenagers use social media and may show unfavourable behaviour.

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One source offers insights:

Reducing teens' risk on the Internet. (2009). Harvard Mental Health Letter, 25(10), 7.

1. The study linked social media to teens' at risk behaviors. For example "ln a pair of studies published in Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, collaborators led by a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison analyzed the content of 500 publicly available profiles on MySpace that were posted by users claiming to be 18 years old. The researchers found that more thanhalf of the profiles contained information about risky behaviors" (7).

2. "For example, 41% of the teenagers who posted profiles said they drank alcohol or used drugs or tobacco, 24% mentioned sexual behaviors, and 14% mentioned Violence" (7).

Another article provides great feedback:

Teens' Excessive Use of Texting, ...

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100 words of quotes from academic references briefly validate how much teenagers' use of social media and may yield more socially, emotionally, physically, and academically at risk behaviors.