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Pros and Cons of Violence in the Media Affecting Teenagers

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Describe how media violence has affected our teenagers and adolescents.

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Most teenagers and adolescents have watched television since their early childhood. The wide range of sounds and various images is something that captures the attention of developing children in an effort to satisfy their need for audio and visual stimulation. They are exposed to this constantly when parents realize that having their children watch TV keeps them occupied. This can come in handy, especially to some parents if children are misbehaving.

For adolescents and teenagers, the context in which the violent content is presented is as important as the constant viewing of violent content. Some may choose programs that present violent content in a subtle way while others may choose programs that show graphic depictions of violence. People may become indifferent to media violence because of the huge volume of violent content being shown on television and also the forms it can take including: exaggerated violence shown in cartoons, violent acts on reality shows, talk ...

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This solution discusses how media violence has affected our teenagers and adolescents. The text contains 609 words and resources.

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