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    Social Media and Business

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    Facebook is no longer a fad. Millions of individuals around the world use such technology to communicate, search for jobs, and perform work.

    1. Explain how Facebook tool works and what the requirements are for using it.

    2. Discuss the pros and cons of using Facebook to develop a team project. Elaborate on the pluses and minuses from an organizational viewpoint and also discuss the pros and cons from the perspective of the team members

    3. If you were a manager of a new team that was responsible for completing a project for work and you were going to use only social media (no in-person meetings), what guidelines or rules would you put in place to help spur team identity and development? Explain. What processes/guidelines would you implement to help ensure adequate performance and productivity? Explain.

    4. Would you recommend that organizations use it for team projects? Why or why not?

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    1. Explain how Facebook tool works and what the requirements are for using it.

    Consider Facebook as primarily a social media platform that allows for individuals and companies to interact on a socially engaging environment, in which, the user is in a comfortable setting (at home, mobile, etc) interacting with each other. The marketing aspect in Facebook is self-service with access to millions of users worldwide that attracts fortune-500 companies to creating business pages and marketing to targeted demographics. Thus, the main objective in the final write is to highlight the tools available centers around identifying the user likes, preferences, social habits which is key, and the ability to follow company's brands as well as fellow friends or family. The most noted requirements for using the social site as in others (MySpace, twitter, etc) is providing the opportunity to connect with others by using their email address as one mandatory ...

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    The review into social media platforms can assists organizations on Facebook on a positive aspect or a more challenging aspect.