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    Does Social Media Induce Fundamental Change for Businesses?

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    Looking for sources on this topic:

    Will social media on the Internet really induce businesses to change in fundamental ways? If so, how? If not, why not?

    Guidance on how to structure a paper on this is needed as well.

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    I'd be happy to supply some sources:

    http://wefirstbranding.com/keynotes: notes that social media in creating emerging leaders (Jeff Zuckerberg!) and changing way business is done. Stresses need for businesses to change how they are communicating to integrate market efforts with social media as a way to succeed. I see integrated marketing as a huge fundamental change for businesses as a result of social media. Social media allows businesses to fine tune and sharpen their brand message through multiple channels, thus defining their offer and brands and attracting more customers.

    http://www.in-rev.com/SocialMedia.php: this link points out that the social media has changed business in the fundamental way of actually connecting customers to businesses. This may be through company websites or it could be through blogs (sometimes positive, sometimes negative), coupon offers (Groupon), or through games (Foursquare).

    http://www.linkedin.com/answers/marketing-sales/advertising-promotion/internet-marketing/MAR_ADP_INM/682672-1860720: this link points out that people spend "twice as much time on the Internet as watching TV (about 32 hours vs. 15 hours per week). About 80 percent of this time is spent on social networks like Facebook." This induces interactivity between the consumer and businesses. If a business chooses not to have a presence through Facebook, Twitter, or a company website, for example, the organization is turning away from the chance to connect and interact with consumers.

    This link predicts that as a result of social media marketing "life cycles will be certainly shortened prompted by the imperative of continuously delivering new messages and concepts to always be "The Trend" to follow."

    A later post points out that social media sites provide the ...

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