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Using Social Media to Enter China as a New Market

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Sample question:
Describe how a company will utilize the internet, telecommunications, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), to both facilitate its entry and build its business in a country, for example, a new market entry into China

Please help answering this question with regards to using the internet and social media in order to establish a new market entry, for example China.

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Please find below my research that will give you more understanding on how to do business through social sites in China.

China may be the leading and among the fastest-growing market in the world with its nearly a billion users who are mostly on mobile but it is very difficult to enter the business world through social media as it has very stringent rules about it. Many foreign firms have thought of using social media to start business in China knowing that its social media network is growing very rapidly but sad to say that three of the most popular social sites in the West and in the other parts of Asia, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are not allowed to access China as of this time.

China has their local social media sites dominating the social landscape in the net. Here are the top social media networks in China according to Brossman (2014): ...

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This solution discusses the following the top Chinese social media sites including LinkedIn in China. It also discusses how to enter China as a new market through social media in 455 words with five (5) non-APA references.

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