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    Expanding into overseas markets

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    Determine how a genuine company could be expanded to two different overseas markets, one developed such as the UK and another where the digital divide exists such as China using social media. Social media can be a powerful method for promoting the travel, hospitality and businesses, because many potential customers research and book their plans online.

    What needs to be highlighted:
    - How can social media be used to market your product/genuine company in each destination?
    - How do these strategies differ from the marketing methods employed in the product's country of origin?
    - How does technology access impact your market expansion strategy in the emerging country?
    - What are the cultural similarities and differences between the product's home country and the potential destinations?
    - How do these similarities and differences impact the way that social media can be employed?

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    Eclerx Services Expansion in UK and China

    Overseas Expansion with the help of Social Media

    Eclerx Services Limited is a well-known Indian company established in 2000 and publicly listed on both the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India since 2007. It is a leading knowledge process outsourcing ("KPO") company offering middle/back office operations support (Eclerx, 2013). The company success directs it towards expanding in different overseas market with the help of social media. In present, the company plans to enter two overseas markets in which one is UK and other is China with the help of following considerations:

    Use of Social Media to Market Company Services:

    Social media can be used effectively to market the company services in both the destinations. Social media is a tool to collaborate and community development. With the help of social media, it would become easy for the company to advertise its services through different networking sites and start providing services as per the relations developed with web interactions ...

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