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    Panera Bread - SWOT/VRIO Analysis

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    Can you please help me with the following case study on Panera Bread? Supporting documents attached, if needed. Thank you.

    V. Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT)
    A. VRIO Analysis
    B. SWOT Analysis
    VI. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy
    A. Analysis of Strategic Alternatives ( you must have at least 2 alternatives)
    1. Alternative One
    a. Pros
    b. Cons
    2. Alternative Two
    a. Pros
    b. Cons
    3. Alternative Three
    a. Pros
    b. Cons
    B. Recommendation (Which one of the above alternatives are you recommending?)
    C. Justification (Why did you choose the strategy listed in A? What do you hope to accomplish?)

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    SWOT Analysis:

    Panera's key strengths include strong network of outlets across USA along with strong brand visibility and reputation in the cafe industry. The company has a network of around 2000 stores and possess strong reputation in terms of serving high quality items.

    Panera's weaknesses include lack of global presence. It is dependent on the North American markets and thus, unable to exploit growth opportunities in emerging markets.

    The key opportunities for the company lies in exploiting growth opportunities in markets such as India and China, as well as strong growth opportunities in healthy, organic food items. The company has promised to remove all artificial ingredients and improving the health quotient of its product, which would allow the firm to capitalize on the growing trend of healthy eating.

    The threats for the firm include strong competitive threat from players such as Starbucks as well as other casual dining chains. Other players have also started to focus on healthy and organic offerings which poses a threat to Panera.

    VRIO Analysis:

    Question of Value: Panera bread does a good work in differentiating its menu items, guest experience, food quality and ambiance by constantly evolving its strategy via innovative approaches such as use of new ...

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