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Analysis of Panera Bread

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Can you please help me with the following case study on Panera Bread? Supporting documents are attached.

IV. Internal Environment: Strength and Weaknesses
A. Corporate Structure
B. Corporate Culture
C. Corporate Resources
1. Marketing Analysis
a. Price
b. Product
c. Place
d. Promotion
e. Key Marketing Strategies:

2. Financial Analysis
a. Ratio (use the ones you decide are best to support your point)
b. Firm's growth potential in regards to its financial position
3. Research and Development
4. Operations and Logistics
5. Human Resource Management
6. Information Systems & Technology

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IV. Internal Environment: Strength and Weaknesses

They key internal strength of the organization is its ability to continuously evolve itself by adapting to latest trends, be it technology or changing consumer preferences.

A. Corporate Structure/ Corporate Culture: Corporate Culture: The corporate culture of Panera Bread is quite employee friendly and provides opportunities for innovation and creativity. The company's leadership is very strong and the CEO Ron sets examples in front of everyone by taking a very hands-on management approach to take Panera towards new heights. The corporate structure and culture of the company has evolved under the leadership of CEO Ron to support the strategy of the firm to continuously reinvent and adapt itself to changing market conditions.

C. Corporate Resources
1. Marketing Analysis
a. Price
b. Product
c. Place
d. Promotion
e. Key Marketing Strategies:

The company's marketing strategy focuses on creating differentiated positioning for the company. It has undertaken aggressive marketing campaigns to create a distinct positioning for itself in the recent times. It launched its first nationwide campaign for television in 2014. It also uses a fairly strong loyalty marketing campaign to drive sales.

The company positions ...

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This solution provides financial analysis of Panera Bread.

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I need to do a strategic anaylsis of the Panera Bread company using 2008 -2009 data in the following format:

I Current situation:

A. Current Performance
Use finanacial data to back this information up.

B. Strategic Posture
1. Mission
2. Objectives
3. Strategies
4. Policies
II. Strategic Managers
A. Board of Directors
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III. External Environment
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2. Technological
3. Political- Legal
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IV. Internal Environment
A. Corporate Structure
B. Corporate Culture
C. Corporate Resouces
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2. Finance
3. R&D
4. Operations

V.Analysis of Strategic Factors
B. Review of current Missions and Objectives (are they appropriate? should they be changed?, How?)

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VII. Implementation

VIII Evaluation and Control
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B. Is the information timely?
C.Is the corporation using benchmarking to evaluate its funstions and activites?

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