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Panera Bread Case

What are the five most important opportunities and five most important threats facing the Panera Bread case? ( Be sure analyze both macro/societal and task/ industry level opportunities and threats in determining the ones you feel are most important)

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Regulations and inefficient processes

Says Pat Tues, Panera Breads Director of HR for Company Operations, We have cafes in 35 states. Not only do I have to keep up on all the laws and regulations for each state, I also am trying to make our recruitment process more efficient and lower turnover. I need front-end assessment tools that will help me weed out unqualified people. Having someone call and hawk a benefit plan is not going to interest me.

Resistance to change

Marketers and sales people also need to understand how slowly change takes place in a corporation. According to Bogosian, HR professionals walk a delicate line. They have to instinctively understand how far and how fast to push change within a department or team and when to back off. This fine line, says Bogosian, is a challenge for HR execs, which also have the additional challenge of getting their executive colleagues to understand the connection between the business element and the human element.

Because change is slow, HR people keep information on file and will call suppliers" sometimes up to two years later.

Says Evelyn Flaherty, formerly of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and Lotus, I receive a ton of information, most of which I throw away. However, if a piece of collateral offers me solid information, Ill keep it" and will call the vendor when I'm ready to purchase.

Technology solutions could be better

One major benefit HR professionals seek is Web-based employee self-service, according to SHRMTs 2005 HR Technology Survey Report. However, only 38% stated their HR technology included this functionality.

And while 80% felt HR technology helped them achieve ...

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