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Strategic analysis of Panera Bread using 2008 financial data

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I need to do a strategic anaylsis of the Panera Bread company using 2008 -2009 data in the following format:

I Current situation:

A. Current Performance
Use finanacial data to back this information up.

B. Strategic Posture
1. Mission
2. Objectives
3. Strategies
4. Policies
II. Strategic Managers
A. Board of Directors
B. Top Management

III. External Environment
A. Societal Environment
1. Economic
2. Technological
3. Political- Legal
4. Sociocultural
B. Task Environment

IV. Internal Environment
A. Corporate Structure
B. Corporate Culture
C. Corporate Resouces
1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. R&D
4. Operations

V.Analysis of Strategic Factors
B. Review of current Missions and Objectives (are they appropriate? should they be changed?, How?)

VI. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy
A. Strategic Alternatives
B. Recommended Strategy

VII. Implementation

VIII Evaluation and Control
1. Is the current information system capable of providing sufficient feedback on implementation activities and performance? Can it measure strategic factors?
A. Can performance results be pinpointed by area, unit , project or fnction?
B. Is the information timely?
C.Is the corporation using benchmarking to evaluate its funstions and activites?

2. Are adequate control measures in place to ensure conformance with the recommended strategic plan?
a. Are appropriate standards and measures being used?
b. Are reward systems capable of recognizing and rewarding good performance?

Conclusion: 2-4 paragraphs regarding recommendations and future

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I Current situation:

A. Current Performance
Use financial data to back this information up.
The current performance of Panera Bread is very good. According to the company's 2008 data the operating margin in 8.92%, the return on assets is 10.56%, the return on equity is 14.33%, the quarterly revenue growth is 18.90%, the current ratio is 1.214 the book value per share is 16.334.

B. Strategic Posture
1. Mission The mission is to have a loaf of bread in every arm.
2. Objectives the objective of the company is to expand its operations quickly across North America and Canada.
3. Strategies:
One of the key strategies of Panera Bread is to have not single unit franchisees but to have the franchisee open several units in an area. Typically, the franchisee must have a capital of $7.5 million and cash or its equivalent of $3 million. The high investment ensures that the franchisee is financially strong and is involved in making the business a success. This brings several advantages in training.
The differentiating factor inside the cafes is that the customer learns what is good bread. He experiences its crust, crumb and freshness.

4. Policies:
They showcase the craft and the art of bread making. Panera Bread customers feel that they have tasted real good bread. Its policies include making high quality bread available across the USA. The policy is that bread has to be baked on site from scratch. In addition, the franchisees selected by Panera Bread are not only financially strong but also the most competent in the business. Panera Breads collaborates with high quality franchisees that care for baking bread. It is these partnerships that have built the business and reputation of Panera Bread.

II. Strategic Managers
A. Board of Directors
Ronald M. Shaich, Domenic Colasacco, Fred K Foulkes, Charles Chapman III, W. Austin Ligon and, Larry J. Franklin,

B. Top Management
William H. Simpson Michael Nolan Michael Kupstas Thomas Kish Jeffrey Kip Rebecca Fine Scott Davis Mark Borland Scott Blai Cedric Vanzura William W. Moreton John Maguire and Ronald M. Shaich

III. External Environment
A. Societal Environment
1. Economic:
The economic growth rate is low and the economy has not yet recovered from depression. The interest rates are under pressure. Yet, the artisan bread industry is strong. The sale of premium breads in the departmental stores is increasing. In addition, customers are looking forward to more exotic and cultural bread choices in restaurants. Artisan bread ...

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