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    Choose a franchised brand of food operations with which you are very familiar. Assume you are going to purchase a franchise. Consider why you would choose that brand. How would you assess the value of its brand for your own business purposes? Do you feel that an Interbrand Value Assessment would be useful? Would it be enough? Would it measure the things that are important to you as a potential franchisee? What would you want to see in addition to Interbrand's assessment, if anything?

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    Every franchised brand is different in their business model to successfully reach an agreement with the potential franchisee, such as, in a case study for example purposes only, Panera Bread.

    How would you assess the value of its brand for your own business purposes?

    That in doing so, the initial review for franchisee is to identify strong market share value of the company, the opportunity to grow over the years showing a lot of profit, and organizational support during the set-up as well as ongoing operations. Further the review into the initial qualifications to even start the conversation to become a Franchise is extremely important, especially, on the financial investment required. In the case of Panera Bread, the core data are as follow:

    Qualification Criteria (Domestic)
    Applicants must meet these criteria to gain consideration ...

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    The review into starting a franchising operations with a popular food restaurant.