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What is franchising

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What is franchising? Describe 3 types of franchising and give an example of each. How does franchising benefit the franchiser?

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Franchising is a license given by a company to an individual or an entity to sell its products or services under an agreement between the franchisor and franchisee.

3 types of franchising:

1. Product Franchise

The franchisor or the owner of the company grants the franchisee to market their goods or services using their brand, recipe, and trademark. The franchisee ...

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What am I looking for in a paper? I will grade based on content, organization, readability, and grammatical correctness. Content includes your ideas as well as your research. Organization includes external transitions (section to section) and internal transitions (paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence).

Readability means how well the paper flows. Avoid wordiness and the passive voice. Don't start your sentences with "it is" or "there are." Grammatical correctness includes spelling and other grammar errors including subject-verb agreement. After you write your paper, leave it in a drawer for a day then read each word out loud. You will find most of your errors.

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