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US Expansion Overseas in the 1900s

What were the economic, geopolitical, and philosophical motives for overseas expansion by America? How did expansion define America's emerging role in the world?

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I'm thinking you're talking post Spanish American war, so I'll start there. The philosophy of expansionism started out as Manifest Destiny, which was basically the idea that the US was destined to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific. They went on to desire more colonialism, or taking on of overseas lands, just as major countries in Europe did. Many Americans genuinely believed that they were spreading good American ideals when we expanded. The government took advantage of this by pushing news stories about how we were helping democracies. That's how we ended up with Panama. When Columbia wouldn't sell us the land for the canal rights, we took matters into our own hands. We waited until a small group was planning revolution, gave them tons of support, and then payed the ...

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An analysis of how manifest destiny spread overseas during the 1900s, including the Panama Canal Zone, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. The goals of the expansionists are explained from a geopolitical standpoint.