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Consulting Proposal

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When I look for the components of a consulting proposal in Internet, I found the following the site, http://www.careerlab.com/art_consulting_proposal.htm

Can you write a consulting proposal for a typical client ?

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XYZ Corporation is a small, growing semi-conductor company with primary focus in the US markets. The company has world class products that have the potential to capture strong market share in USA as well as overseas markets. The company is currently facing growth and revenue related challenges and is looking for external help from experienced consultants to manage its growth and tap opportunities in the external market in the best possible manner.

About Us:
We introduce ourselves as a leading consulting firm in the semi-conductor industry with over 100 years of combined experience of our team members in assisting technology firms for their growth and revenue related challenges. We have worked with both startups and mature firms and have worked closely with them as interim management to take their growth and revenues to the next level. We ...

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For your proposal, select two appropriate templates and a PowerPoint layout screen from Advanced Presentations

1. Select and submit two appropriate templates and the PowerPoint layout screens from Advanced Presentations by Design(Textbook) that you are considering for your proposal.

2. Submit the approximate cost of your proposal/services. Take into consideration your time, materials, resources, travel, etc. For salary information: www.salary.com

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