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Developing Project Scope & Schedule for Project Management

Overview: The emphasis in this week is on how the consultant plans to obtain a contract through an understanding of the roles of the consulting team, creating a schedule for initial and subsequent meetings with the client, and effective use of the consulting process. Additionally, the week's readings provide enhanced knowledge of time management systems techniques and risk management.

This week provides an opportunity for you to acquire skills needed in the consulting process; for example, the consultant must have the skills to influence the company's leadership to decide on the project proposal's budget, goals, and objectives and successful execution.

1. How would a consultant develop the project scope and schedule for Wal-mart? (Please help answer in 200 words)

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Books used
Wickham, P. & Wickham, L. (2008). Management consulting: Delivering an effective project. 3rd ed. Pearson Education.

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Initially, it would be important for the consultant to determine what Wal-mart had in mind for the project. This may be determined by asking the Wal-Mart representative their intentions, but should he or she state, "to grow the business" the consultant would then need to evaluate the possible options for growth and propose the best path. Another avenue to take would be to conduct a preliminary analysis of the company's issues in order to define Wal-Mart's objectives. It would be important to determine the major ...

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This solution discusses how a consultant develops the project scope and schedule for a project. Includes APA formatted reference