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    Project Plan Outline and Work Breakdown Structure

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    A nonprofit organization would like you to lead a Web site development project for them. The organization has Internet access that includes space on a Web server, but has no experience developing Web pages or Web sites. In addition to creating their Web site, they would like you to train two people on their staff to do simple Web page updates. The organization wants their Web site to include the following basic information, as a minimum: description of the organization (mission, history, and recent events), list of services, and contact infor­mation. They want the Web site to include graphics (photographs and other images) and have an attractive, easy-to-use layout.

    1. Create a WBS and enter the tasks in Project. Be sure to include milestones, summary tasks and an extensive set of subtasks. Include all dependencies.

    2. Enter realistic durations for each task. Assume you have only four months to complete this project. Take a screen shot of the resulting Gantt chart and paste this into the Word for Windows file.

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    Project Management for Non-Profit Organization

    Table of Contents
    Introduction 4
    Goals and Objectives 4
    Project Name: 4
    Business Goals and Project Goals: 4
    Scope: 4
    Time and Budget Constraints: 4
    General and Technical Requirements: 5
    Training and Documentation: 5
    Installation: 5
    Project Estimate 5
    People Costs: 5
    Equipment Costs: 6
    Estimation Techniques and Result: 6
    Project Schedule 7
    Project Task List: 7
    Task Network: 8
    Timeline Chart: 9
    Staff Organization 9
    Team Structure: 9
    Project manager: 9
    Web designer: 9
    Graphic Designer: 10
    Management Reporting and Communication: 10
    Risk Management 10
    Project Risk: 11
    Scope Risk: 11
    Schedule Risk: 11
    Cost Risk: 11
    Risk Table: 11
    Risk Mitigation, Monitoring, management Strategy: 12
    Tracking and Control Mechanisms 13
    Change Management and Control: 13
    Conclusion 13
    References 15


    This paper discusses about the website development project for a non-profit organization. It also discusses about the different phases of the website development plan that includes goals and objectives, project estimates, project schedule, staff organization etc.
    Goals and Objectives

    Organization's main goal and objective is to provide better facilities and services to the customers in the market. The main elements of the project are as follows:
    Project Name:

    Website Development Project
    Business Goals and Project Goals:

    The main Goal is to provide the better facilities and services to the customers and gain experience in the field of website development to develop attractive and creative web pages.

    It is an important element of project development plan that includes goals and objectives of the overall project for the organization. The scope of this project is to guide the management o develop a website for the company. A well documented project scope includes project description, list of deliverables, acceptance criteria, limits and executions etc. (Heldman & Heldman, 2007).
    Time and Budget Constraints:

    Every project has several constraints such as time and budget. These help the manager to finish project on time by utilize all resources in an efficient way.
    General and Technical Requirements:

    For the project, organization needs the project manager and the website developer architect. They will help the organization to complete the website development project.
    Training and Documentation:

    In project management, project manager has a responsibility to lead the project. It is essential that its team member should be educated and trained. In the project management, training starts from the definition of goals to the end of managing risk (Blokdijk, 2007). In documentation of project plan a manager will include the WBS, charts, PBS etc. These help the project manager to done their work effectively.

    After documentation, project manager should install these guidelines to create the project plan for the organization. This helps the project manager to evaluate its plan in an effective manner in the organization (Stellman & Greene, 2005).
    Project Estimate

    The project estimates are as follows:
    People Costs:

    In this section, project manager estimates the cost of required people. This includes the salary and incentives of the employees. For the website development project, organization has a team of web designer, graphic designer, project manager and two employees for training. The estimated overall cost for the organization is £ 1, 50,000 that included the basic salary, bonus and organization expenses (Pay Scale, 2011).
    Salary Requirements: For website development, organization compensates its employees, in following way:
    Project Manager: The basic salary for the project manager is £40,464 and bonus is £3710.
    Web Designer: The ...

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