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    Gantt & Critical Path Method Charts

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    Objective: -Develop a project plan based on project goals.
    -Develop a project budget.
    -Construct visual aids such as Gantt charts, Critical Path Method charts,

    Choose a project. Help me by giving me an example of what project you would choose. Try to choose a project that is business-related. Submit a project plan with AT LEAST each of the following considerations:

    1.) Needs identification
    2.) Project goals and objectives
    3.) Schedule and WBS
    4.) Charts (Gantt, CPM, PERT)
    5.) Budget Considerations
    6.) Resource Considerations

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    Work Breakdown Structure

    In project management, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is an exhaustive, hierarchical (from general to specific) tree structure of deliverables and tasks that need to be performed to complete a project. The Work Breakdown Structure is a very common and critical project management tool. It is considered such a key part of project management that many United States government statements of work require a WBS. The purpose of a ...

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    Attached Word document shows a project plan complete with goals, budgets and visual aid charts.