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Key uses of critical path method and Gantt charts

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Describe the key uses of critical path method (CPM) and Gantt charts.

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Critical path method is being used in projects to better manage the planning, scheduling, controlling function during the project and helps in finding the shortest path for completing the project. Project managers can optimize costs or ascertain minimal costs by optimizing the ...

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Discusses the key uses of critical path method (CPM) and Gantt charts.

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Gantt & Critical Path Method Charts

Objective: -Develop a project plan based on project goals.
-Develop a project budget.
-Construct visual aids such as Gantt charts, Critical Path Method charts,

Choose a project. Help me by giving me an example of what project you would choose. Try to choose a project that is business-related. Submit a project plan with AT LEAST each of the following considerations:

1.) Needs identification
2.) Project goals and objectives
3.) Schedule and WBS
4.) Charts (Gantt, CPM, PERT)
5.) Budget Considerations
6.) Resource Considerations

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