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Project Management Tools

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What tools do you find most helpful in managing projects ? How can you use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, within the various project management processes? How do you use scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project? Share some tips for using either of these products. Then, using the library and Internet, investigate other project management tools. How do they differ from the tools you use?

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The solution identifies tools that are most helpful in managing projects. Among the questions answered are - How can you use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, within the various project management processes; How do you use scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project. Some tips for using either of these products are shared.

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Project Management Tools

I will go through your questions one by one starting with the second one you posted. The first question is related to the fourth question and will be answered when addressing it. It is also a specific question that asks for your personal opinion and would best be answered based on your past experience with using project management tools.

First, let's look at what project management tools are in a general way - it basically refers to all the tools that help team members and managers concerned in a project plan, manage, and execute all the tasks involved in completing the project successfully.

How can you use spreadsheet software within the various project management processes?
?A spreadsheet add-on template can be used to make Gantt Charts
?It can be used to make project schedules
?It can be used to assign and define tasks related to the project, create a deadline and allow users to know when tasks have been completed
?Spreadsheets are readily available in most computers in most organizations and are easy to use. Most people know how to use them effectively.
?Spreadsheets are flexible in that they have the ability to adapt to your project. One can easily track any type of data fields, or implement a new project template.
?Helps to perform direct comparison of new and old information

How can you use scheduling tools within the various project management processes?
?Gantt Charts help plan out the tasks that need to be completed.
?It visually depicts each step in a project from the early design to final completion
?It helps you schedule when each task will be carried out
?Scheduling will arrange the tasks to reflect the dependencies and allow the project manager to enter effort and duration information for each task; with this information, it can calculate a final date and build the schedule.
?It allows you to allocate resources for each task
?It helps you work out the ...

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