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HTML stands for 'HyperText Markup Language' and is the earliest and most fundamental language for creating and describing web page content for a web browser to interpret and display. In the beginning, it was the only way to design a web page, and though many more languages have joined the fold now to give web design great leaps in functional capabilities, HTML remains the backbone. Many of the new languages even require embedding into an HTML skeleton of a web page.

HTML has two main parts to it - the content itself that viewers will see, and the tags that contain the code to describe how the content will be shown. Now, CSS is used for most formatting in web design, keeping content and style separate, but some basic formatting, such as paragraph breaks, lists, font transformations, title/subtitle designation, etc. are still considered content markings. These are designated in tags which are bounded by the < and > symbols, and are placed at the beginning and end of the text to be altered. For example:

<b>Bold text</b>


Here, the '<b>' is called the start/opening tag and the '</b>' is the end/closing tag, meanwhile the 'b' itself is the tag name for bolded text so the above would appear to a viewer as follows:

Bold text


It is important to always be closing your tags in HTML, or else everything written after 'bolded text' would continue to be affected by the start tag, and therefore be bold no matter what else you write. This is a minor example, but failing to close tags can cause serious and difficult formatting issues in large documents. 

Example of working HTML for a webpage

All web page content is simply HTML elements, like the bolded example above, put together. There are many tags which do different things, from allowing image embedding to to creating interactive forms, in order to achieve a readable, useful website. While it is possible to insert more formatting, such as colours, into some tags using attributes, that practice is frowned upon by the modern paradigm separating content, style and behaviour, and so best left to CSS. Recent versions of HTML (such as HTML5) also include semantic tags such as the <body> and <section> tags that do not show up to the viewer, but make more specific CSS formatting possible.

Use HTML and JavaScript to display table from input

I did most of the homework part. I need someone to help me to fix it (see attachment for requirements) <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> document.write("Please Enter items purchased with price of each<br/> Item: Price, Item: Price<br/><br/>"); document.write("Ex:Bre

Identify the errors in the HTML code

Identify the errors in the HTML code provided in work.html and work.css (download attached ZIP). Correct the code and create HTML comments explaining why the original code would not work properly, does not comply with the XHTML 1.0 strict standard, or is not an example of good coding practice. work.html <html xmlns="http:/

Why XHTML 2.0 Failed

Investigate the reasons why the XHTML standard 2.0 failed to gain acceptance. Evaluate the way web standards are produced and suggest possible improvements.

The Key Aspects of Research

Discuss what are the three key aspects of research (originality, gain/contribution and knowledge and understanding)? Which one of them you consider the most important, or are they equally important? With academic references.

The Big Data Challenges

I need help with the following assignment: Big Data is a term used to describe the voluminous amount of structured and semi-structured data generated by companies. The term is used when referring to petabytes (PB), exabytes (EB), and zettabytes (ZB) of data. Companies face challenges when it comes to capturing, storing, searc

Html - table and borders

Trying to make a table with uneven cell sizes. I have made the cells and 2 tables which I'm trying to combine into 1 table and then make borders around that table (and around the cells as well). my code is: <table width="200" height="200"> <caption>Table 1</caption> <tr><td><table border="1"> <tr><td height="50" widt

Write a Ruby program with the following specification.

Write a Ruby program with the following specification: Input: A list of numbers from the keyboard. Output: The second smallest number in the list, along with its position in the list, with 1 being the position of the first number.

Creating a Web Page including a Game

Create a Web page called "game.html" and add a layer to it, which will be treated as an object, with an image for its contents. Add another image which will start the game when clicked on. When the game starts, the layer, including the image, will move randomly in any direction but not more than 10 pixels. The layer will not lea

CSS to change the layout of an HTML page.

I need to learn how to use CSS to change the layout of an HTML page. CSS is a very powerful tool for changing the way a webpage is displayed. It is extremely flexible and allows the designer to deliver HTML code to many devices without changing the markup. First I want to learn the HTML tags to create sections in the code. Next,

Organizational Dynamics, Change, and Stress Management

Recall extensive change you have witnessed recently inside your company or a company you are familiar with. Has it been successful? Characterize why it won or failed. Try to generalize your observations so they can serve as a guideline for similar cases.

Work-Place Bullying

Workplace bullying can be a significant source of conflict, and stress, at work. Some of the generally recommended approaches to resolving conflicts of this nature typically entail mediation or other timely intervention by authoritative third parties (e.g. upper management). What other courses of action would you recommend if

People, Technology and Management - Conflict Management

Conflict-management techniques allow managers to control conflict levels (not only decrease but also increase them). Select a problem that disturbs you and is not solved. The problem can address any environment: your workplace, community, society, humankind. Describe a method of making it more widely perceived by other peopl

Web Scavenger Hunt

College Material Appendix B Web Scavenger Hunt To complete this assignment, you are to search for a variety of information on the Internet. 1. Locate a news article from an English-speaking country other than the United Sates. List the URL, list the name of the newspaper, list the country of origin, and summarize the a

Interactive Database Systems & Web Services

You have asked to prepare a report that evaluates possible client/server solutions to handle a new customer application system for all branch offices. What business characteristics would you evaluate? What technology characteristics would you evaluate? Why? Discuss how Web services can be used to effectively integrate busin

Web sites with html

What I want for Christmas What I want for Christmas What I want for Christmas a box of Godiva Chocolates What I want for Christmas a red BMW a real fast speedboat a drum set a Wii Game a Brad Pitt What I want for Christmas a big red BMW a real fast speedboat a drum set a Wii Game a Brad Pitt a big r

Web Form and Advanced XHTML

Please see attached. Thanks. Web Form and Advanced XHTML Instructions /* External Style Sheet */ body { background-color:#EFEFEF; font-color:#000000; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, serif; font-size: 12px; } .header1 { text-align: center; font-size: 200%; font-weight: bold; } .

How Prepaid Cell Phones Make Forensic Investigation Hard

Prepaid cell phones make forensic investigation hard. Discuss how can you quickly investigate and collect digital evidence for a crime what involves a phone call (e.g., you checked the victim's cell phone and you find a phone call from a phone number, this phone number could be a VoIP phone, a prepaid cell phone, a landline phon

Steel Solutions

The Marketing Director at Steel Solutions is unhappy that the links on the company Web page appear in blue when unvisited and purple when visited, because those are the logo colors of their closest competitor. She has asked you to update the Web pages to use navy for unvisited links, olive for visited links, and red for active

Trailways Bus Lines

Last week, you and the owner of Trailways Bus Lines sketched out a basic table format to use on the Updated Prices Web page of the Trailways Bus Lines Web site. As you begin to build the Web page, you start thinking about other table attributes that could make the Web pages look even better. Create a Web page with a basic five

Web Page Development

How do you secure a domain name and find a host for a website. Describe how CSSs are used in developing websites. Why do you think website development would be important to a company's business model?

Focus on Ethics

Focus on Ethics Based on the chapter's definitions of advertising and public relations, there are big differences in these communications methods. However, both are susceptible to deception. The same standards used to gauge advertising deception are used to measure deception in pubic relations. A case in point is Nike vs. Ka

Content Management System and It's Advantages

The purpose of this two page paper is to answer to what extent the open source approach to content management system development is beneficial or could be beneficial to organizations.

Moving e-mails from MSN Hotmail

Please help with the following problem. What are the steps involved to move all of my email folders from my MSN Hotmail account to an external hard drive without having to open each email individually?

Future of HTML

HTML was the original Web page protocol, developed for hypertext documents on the emerging Web. Many different protocols and technologies have since been developed. Do you think that HTML still has a part to play? Or do you believe that HTML may have outlived its usefulness? This is basically a question about the future of HT