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    Conflict Management

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    Conflict-management techniques allow managers to control conflict levels (not only decrease but also increase them). Select a problem that disturbs you and is not solved.
    The problem can address any environment: your workplace, community, society, humankind.

    Describe a method of making it more widely perceived by other people. Think over who they could be and why they should be interested in its solution. Discuss how to make allies of them.

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    People, Technology and Management - Conflict Management

    First, let's take a look and find out what conflict really is:
    What is Conflict? Conflict is natural and exists is all organizations. It refers to intimidating or aggressive interaction in which one attempts to thwart the intentions or goals of another. As you would expect, there is potential for conflicts among members of a team mainly due to misunderstandings or miscommunication. This may be due to lack of effort on the part of some group members, shrinking their own duties, cultural differences, team identity issues, or commitment issues (Daft, 2005, p. 578). In severe situations, conflicts can "hamper productivity, lower morale, cause more and continued conflicts, and cause inappropriate behaviors" (McNamara, 2010).

    Causes of conflicts due to management:

    ?Lack of communication/uninformed employees
    ?Employees are not involved in the decision making process
    ?Alignment of work and resources is insufficient
    ?Goals and responsibilities are not clearly stated by management
    ?Conflicting values and personality between managers and employees
    ?Lack of leadership in dealing and diffusing such conflicts

    The problem of focus: In this paradigm shift of globalization, the workforce has become a melting pot of ...

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    The solution looks at how conflicts arise in the workplace. Even though management uses techniques to try to mitigate these conflicts but some end up escalating the problem. The solution looks at one particular issue in the workplace today - globaliztion and diversity and talks about how managers can make allies out of skeptics. There are five references included formatted using APA styling.