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Conflict Management for a Non-Profit Organisation

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Select a non-profit organization conflict scenario and create a conflict management system using these concept:

- Integrating, Obliging, Dominating, Avoiding , Compromising
- Learning and effectiveness
- Diagnosis and intervention
- Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Intragroup, Intergroup
- Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

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Conflict Scenario NHS

Conflict is the situation in which people create problems due to misconception regarding work or dissatisfaction from the work environment. The management of such situation is needed in organization success because if organization face high turnover of employees then it directly impacts on organizational market image (Montgomery & Cook, 2005). National Health Service is a non-profit organization that works worldwide with a huge health care network. The employer of this organization can face conflicting situations even it is concern for social welfare. Workplace disputes may create problems in achieving the vision of the organization. Misconduct, poor performance and grievances are some disrupts that NHS' employer faces at the workplace. Due to such conflicts NHS should assess conflict management system into the process so that any pre and post occurrence of conflict can be resolved at the right time (Brown, 2012). With the assessment of following points the conflict can be resolved by the employer:

Anticipate: Anticipation of possible situations where people can create dispute is the very first step of conflict management system. In this step, the employer must adopt some approach or style through which the anticipation can be developed easily. Integration can be the approach employer serves an open environment where employees can exchange information freely so that the base of conflict can be identified (Eunson, 2012). This approach to identify reasons of conflict can help employer in the development of alternative solutions.
With the help of this approach, employers can develop effective ...

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The expert examines the conflict management for a non-profit organizations.

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Understanding conflict management systems and the need to deal with conflict as it arises.

In the managing conflict in organizations, social conflict is informed by various disciplines, including philosophy, biological sciences, and sociology. The evolution of organizational conflict management from the classical view to the neo-classical view to the modern view. Understanding these theoretical perspectives helps us analyze conflicts within organizations so they are productive and healthy, rather than destructive and dysfunctional. Choose a non-profit organization and answer the following questions:

1. As you analyze the need for a conflict management system in this organization, apply the discipline (philosophy, biological sciences, or sociology) that best informs the organizational culture.

2. Which view of organizational conflict (classical, neo-classical, or modern) is most appropriate to analyze the organization's perspective of conflict?

3. Rahim, M. Afzalur. Managing conflict in organizations , describes the conflict management process (diagnose, intervention, process, and structural). Apply each step in this process to the non-profit organization you have chosen. Be specific and provide examples to support your response.

4. Explain the differences between interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup, and intragroup conflicts? How might supervisors diagnose these types of conflict among their subordinates? Discuss why being able to identify the type of conflict is important. What are the appropriate structural and process interventions for each type of conflict? Which type appears to be most destructive for that organization? Explain your answer and provide examples.

5. As a consultant/systems designer for this organization, explain how you will incorporate ethical considerations.

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