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    Organizational structures and Hiring the very best

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    Based on the article "Hiring the Very Best", by Tracy Mullin, (2005) attached, consider the approaches to organizational design. Analyze the effects and applications of the various organizational structures and levels of authority. Given the benefits and motivations mention in the article, share an analysis of the referenced company's impact on employee motivation, morale and organizational culture.

    Your response should be 2 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. Cite at least one article attached and the referenced case study. Use proper APA format.

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    Analyse the effects and applications of the various organisational structures and levels of authority on hiring the employees
    The organisation structure is a formal system, which defines the level of authority and actions of employees (French, 2011). The organisation structure can be divided into two types such as centralised and decentralised.
    Centralised organisation structure is an autocratic approach and cannot be suitable for the large and modern organisations. The centralised structure organisations are less attractive for the best talents because this type of organisation does not provide an opportunity to take decisions and do creative work to a significant extent (Krings-Ernst, 2011). It is a one-way flow of authority that is from top to bottom. The employee retention is very difficult in this structure because of job dissatisfaction due to various factors such as less level of authority, non-participation in decision making, no development in interpersonal and conceptual skills. Also, an employee has no emotional attachment because of closed organisation culture.
    Decentralised organisation structure: The organisation cannot be completely decentralised because there must be a person who can take a decision in the organisation. However, it can be possible that level of authority can be decentralised to some extent by dividing the organisation into different subunits such as function wise, ...

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    The financial and non-financial benefits both increase the employee motivation and retain the best talent in the organization. This response analyzed the given article in context of how companies attract and retain best talent.