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    Network Structure and Technology Complexity

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    Please help with the following study questions. Thank you.

    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with network structures? Justify your answers.

    2. How does technology complexity affect organizational structure? Justify your answer with examples.


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    The network structure of organizations is a newer concept that poses both advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantages of this type of structure include the ability to utilize resources not inherent within a single organization at a relatively cheaper rate. In addition, the network structure helps to motivate several teams into working as one cohesive unit working toward a common goal. Take, for example, a contractor building a large structure. Rather than hiring new staff that the company may not be able to support post construction, the contractor brings together several organizations with specialized abilities. Another ...

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    The solution gives the advantages and disadvantages of network structures. Also, the solution explains how technology complexity effects organizational structure.