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    Organizational Culture and Structure MBA-6001 Hiring the Best

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    Read and reflect on the attached article "Hiring the Best". Analyze the effects and applications of the various organizational structures and levels of authority. Given the benefits and motivations mentioned in the article, share an analysis of the referenced company's impact on employee motivation, morale, and organizational culture.

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    All sources used, including the article must be referenced. Paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Must be at least two pages in length, not including title or reference page.

    MBA 6001, Organizational Research and Theory

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    Organizational structures and levels of authority (effects and applications)
    Good organizational structure enhances the productivity and employees morale. As per the article, it is indicated that the good employees can drive more profits for the organization. Organizational structure affects employee's morale and productivity. Managers consider some common approaches to performing the work through the employees. These common approaches are organizational structures (Harper, 2015). According to the Mullin, it is written that traditional structure of the organization is not working in today's company's management that increase the dissatisfaction in employees. In today's competitive environment, it is necessary for an organization to more flexibility in the organization structure to achieve good outputs. Ineffective organization structure leads to poor performance, employee's dissatisfaction and high turnover. As per the article, it indicated that the turnover rates are high in the retail industry.
    Most of the organizations follow a functional structure that leads to high turnover rate. In this structure, management works as top-down approach (Jeffery, 2015). It means that the employees work under specific procedures and protocols that limit the employee's efficiencies and capabilities. In functional or traditional structure employees only follow their senior's instructions rather than to work independently, that reduces the initiatives skills regarding work in employees. Effective employees suffered a lot in this style of organizational structure. The level of authority creates conflicts among ...

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    Employees are most important assets however, it is not easy to hire and retain the best talent. Organization structure also affects the employee motivation and retention. This response analyses how companies can retain the best talent.