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Job Analysis at Comp Tech

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1. What are the current job specifications for the store manager job? Based on the information you have, how would you assess the validity of these specifications? What approaches would you use?

2. What hypothesis or proposal do you have so far regarding Comp Tech's strategic position? What do you regard as the critical strengths and weaknesses based on the data you have?

3. Carlyle is giving strong consideration to hiring a full time personnel recruiter (Comp Tech has never employed such a specialist). Assuming she has decided to hire such a person, how should she proceed?

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The job specifications for the store manager job are that the candidate have an MBA, or at least three years of store management experience. Based upon the information that I have, I would assess the validity of these specifications as differing to some degree. This is due to the fact that I think that store management experience is much more important than an MBA degree, due to the fact that an individual that has hands on store experience would have knowledge, skills, and experience, that a degree cannot provide to an individual. An individual with an MBA would still have to be trained in the plethora of nuances and variables that are involved with effective store management. Due to this factor, I think that the requirement for at least three years of store management experience is very valid due to the fact that this hands-on experience is invaluable to running an organization, and will make it much easier to train this individual for the specific duties ...

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