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    HR policies, modification, organizational transformation

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    Prepare a 1-2 page outline for the project that compares/contrasts the features found in the old and transformed organizational models of a selected organization.

    This needs to be based on networking within the organization. I am unclear as to what this means.

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    Insight learning Inc., had a very strict policy in Human Resources, that of giving preference to internal hiring. This would preclude the company from filling in positions with many qualified people, from outside of the company, whose resumes won't even make it to the candidates' listing, because of the company's policy to hire internally as its foremost choice of hiring for new positions.
    How did the transformation come about?
    When the competitor companies had been hiring fresh graduates and qualified candidates best suited for the contemporary business world, Insight Learning Inc. realized that it must extend its applicant pool by including brand new graduates to its interviewees.
    A compromise strategy was implemented, that of hiring new staff from the short list of ...

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    HR policies, modification, extension of applicant pool, transformation