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Organizational Development, Transformation, and Culture

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Help with two homework questions.

Be very detail...NO web base....APA format...complete sentences with 20 sentences for each question so I understand. Include references

1. Compare and contrast OD and Organization transformation. How are they similar or dissimilar?

2. Suppose you receive a new job offer. What cultural factors would you consider in making a decision?

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OD vs. Organization transformation
Robbins and Coulter (2004) define organizational development as techniques or programs to change people and the nature and quality of interpersonal work relationships. Among the organizational development techniques include team building, intergroup development, process consultation, sensitivity training, and conducting survey to gather feedback. Robbins and Coulter (2004) noted further that the bottom line of these techniques is a more effective interpersonal work relationships. Specifically, they seek to bring out changes among the people in the organization.
On the other hand, organizational transformation (OT), according to an online source (http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/organization/leading_organizational_transformations) is improving organizational ...

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In this report, organizational development and organizational transformation were compared in terms similarities and differences. While both aim for an improved and sustained organizational performance and are susceptible to risk and high degree of rejection from various stakeholders, organizational transformation ( OT ) is wider in scope because in involves cross-functional areas in the organization as a whole.

An added flavor to this report is a discussion of the factors that may be considered by someone who is offered a new job in an organization.

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