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    Organizational Culture and Change

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    Please conduct an analysis of the organizational culture at your organization or an organization of your choice.

    1. Please briefly identify and define the organization.

    2. Please conduct an analysis of the culture at this organization, using the OCP typology (the same model you use for the case in this module.

    3. Please define and analyze policies of hiring/laying off , dress code, performance evaluation criteria, promotion criteria. Please also explain how they fit into the organizational culture OCP analysis.

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    //In this paper, we will briefly describe the definition of an organization. The paper will also discuss the culture of the organization through using OCP typology. The organization taken for writing this paper is Google Inc. We will also define and analyze the policies of hiring/laying off, dress code, performance evaluation criteria, and promotion criteria of Google Inc. The paper will also explain whether these policies fit into the organizational culture through using OCP analysis.//

    The organization can be defined as place where a group of people work together to achieve a common goal and objectives. An organization is of several types; government and non-government organizations, private organizations, corporations, armed forces, international organizations, charities, non-profit organizations, cooperatives, and partnerships, etc.

    OCP is an abbreviation of organizational cultural profile. The concept of OCP was proposed by O' Reilly, Chatman, and Caldwell in the year 1991 (Keyton, 2010). The OCP typology follows the approach of profile comparison in order to compute person-organization fit. According to OCP typology, the organizations have various types of cultures such as innovative, aggressive, detail oriented, team oriented, people oriented, stable, and outcome oriented organizational culture. Google is the world's fastest growing search engine. Google Inc. is a well known American multinational public organization associated for Internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies (Scott, 2008). Google is a large organization having presence in various countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, etc. worldwide with an employee base of 24,400. According to the OCP typology, Google Inc. has multiple cultures as the organization shares innovative and people-oriented culture throughout the organization. Google is one of the popular organizations known for innovations as the company highly emphasizes bringing innovations in the services offered to the web users.

    Google has built a strong position in the market through promoting innovation ...