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Organizational Culture:

Evaluate Schein's argument that: "Inattention to social systems in organizations has led researchers to underestimate the importance of culture: shared norms, values, and assumptions - in how organizations function." Create a document, in the format of an e-mail drafted for a human resources (HR) manager, explaining the applicability of Schein's conclusion: "Culture should be observed rather than measured in order to advance organization studies: in his/her organization. State how the concept of observing behavior will help the HR department to define policies for improving the organizational climate in an organization."

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Step 1
The purpose of HR department is to develop policies that will improve the organizational climate or improve organizational culture. Improvement of organizational climate is carried out so that it supports the strategy of the company. For example, if a company has the strategy of providing exceptional customer service the firm must have an internal culture that supports such service.

Step 2
By observation, the HR department sees and documents the current norms, values and assumptions. The HR department observes the current organizational values, visions, working language, ...

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