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    Impact of HR policies on Organizational Structure

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    How might an organization's human resource policies and practices affect its organizational structure? It is in general term but I am going to compare this response to the HR policies and procdecures of a online gaming company. Thanks.

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    //Before writing about the effect of the HR policies and procedures on the Organizational Structure of an Online Gaming Company, we have to understand the importance of HR policies and procedures for an Organization. Then, we will discuss about the importance of the well defined Organizational structure for an Organization. So, firstly we will discuss about the importance of HR policies and procedures for an Organization under the heading Introduction, for example://


    Human resource policies and practices are a positive declaration and a command to an organization. They translate the goals of an organization into selected routes and provide general guidelines that both prescribe and proscribe programmes which in turn state practices and procedures. Through these practices and procedures, organizational structure is formed. Organizational structure deals with task accomplishment or personnel satisfaction, delegation of authority, proper span of supervision, the degree of specialization and proper communication channel. Human resource policies, procedures and organizational structure are interrelated. (Gankar & Mamoria, 2002)

    //After analyzing the importance of HR policies and procedures for an Organization, we will discuss about their impact on the 'Organizational Structure'. It will assist in understanding the policies and procedures of the management, as per the requirements of ...

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